@steve Good morning. Very lovely pictures. Looks like a perfect birthday. However, this card is deeper than you realize. I'm honestly so disappointed. Read it again. Think about the conversation you and I had at Granny's. If you still aren't getting it, I'll send you a link to the quote I plagiarized.

@Dewey Oh, I assure you I got the Star Wars reference immediately. Zero other people got it. Lewis and Kyle I didn't expect to get it, but Josh didn't get it either.

@Dewey Nobody reads my blog, but I updated it to clarify.

@steve Ok. I am now very happy. I could not imagine that you wouldn't get the reference. I laughed the whole time I was making the card. And, I almost signed it Yoda Bear, but I wasn't sure you were old enough to get the reference to Yogi Bear, so I didn't do anything subtle. All I'm saying is I'm glad my card wasn't a fail. Nice update on the post.

@steve Also, I happened to talk to two of your siblings, both of whom mentioned it was your birthday and who had sent you texts and hadn't heard back. I suggested an email. And, are you receiving texts now? I hope so.

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