I think I forgot to post a link to the November books and links post. I have been trying to add inline latex (math typesetting) to the blog, and used that post to experiment with it. Never got it working, and then forgot to do the proper post at the end of the month. Anyway, here it is so that it gets a comment section for my giant fanbase:)


The Youngs fed us Benny's pizza tonight. Had to turn it sidewise to get through the door. This is piece number three.

Hiking Buck with the Glenectady YM after camping out last night. Beautiful day!

Went on a double date to a wonderful concert tonight, while Andy and Nancy babysat. Nice music, @kyle!

Last night I found a lovely spot to camp. Now I'm trying to decide whether to quit while I'm ahead, or stay another night, maybe down by Siamese Ponds.

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Camping at Puffer Pond near Chimney Mtn tonight. Spotty connection, so pictures will have to wait until I'm back to civilization.

This is sir Lewis eating a KitKat that he has dipped in Cool Whip. I hope you all enjoyed Halloween as much as he did, but I don't believe anyone enjoys anything as much as Lewis enjoys Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Lewis made a two sided jack-o'-lantern, up on the table. Adele's is on the ground beneath his. Kyle's is a coronavirus, next to Adele's. Camille's jack-o'-lantern is masked and socially distanced.

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