We took a chance on the rain, and boy is it raining... Good thing we know how to camp in the rain!

We're home! But I didn't take a picture at the terminus, so here is one of Kyle swimming with his friends last night.

For example, Andy and I learned to make perfect soft boiled eggs in the woods 😁

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Out came the sun and dried up all the rain!

Nate is eating sous vide pancakes and jam. The first couple attempts at pancakes didn't go well. But still, no complainers in this group. And the other two cook groups also learned some things at breakfast.

The rain finally came. We got about as wet as I ever get hiking, which is pretty wet. Spirits are still high though. It's a fun group of YM, and there's not a complainer among them.

Lunch at Alan's. Check out this candy cane tree. Presumably from a lightning strike while he was at LG.

For our last night at the lake of course we had a fire and made s'mores. There was a beautiful sunset, too.

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We're home now, but for completeness I'll add two more pictures. Kyle and Phil wanted to cook one of the fish they caught. I told them if they cleaned it, I would cook it for them. It was delicious. Janet has a zillion more pictures, so look forward to those.

Friends came back with Janet this morning! It has been a very exciting day. The Holdens had to call 911 (everyone is ok now!), we swam, ate Mac and cheese, jumped off tall rocks, paper around the lake, explored an island, and now we're eating sugary junk and playing cards.

A lot of rain today. Adele went swimming until she turned into a popsicle, then let me brush out her hair. She smiled for the picture, but it took her a minute. You can see that the start of the dock, which is under a very tall tree, is hardly wet. This is my favorite kind of rain. It falls straight down, and is usually light enough that tree limbs shed it outward. We've been very lucky with weather this year. If the wind picks up it will really start to feel like Lake George😋

Not a lot of picture taking today. It rained, and then I napped. But here is a picture that I owe Kyle from yesterday. A duck loon.

Kyle and Phil made it to First Peak, but the rest of us stopped halfway up at a decent vista. We are camped in the island right above Camille head (you can see big rocks on the site next to the Crapos).

Today we decided Camille's hair needed to be redone. These might be the best braids I've ever put in her hair, and it only took me a half hour or so. I brushed out Adele's hair in 8 minutes 30 seconds (she made me set a ten minute timer after which I would stop even if I wasn't done yet).

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